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The beautiful Rhine River, whose riverbanks invite all Basel (or Basle) citizens to enjoy summer to the full, gives a promising first impression of this remarkable city. Conveniently accessible from three countries, Germany, France and Switzerland, this area truly has a lot to offer: the Vosges and the world famous Black Forest are just a stone throw away.

Apart from nature fans, who for sure can’t say “no” to a mediterranean-style boat cruise along the Rhine River, all kinds of enthusiasts will find Basel fascinating. The oldest university town of Switzerland holds so much culture and history that one just doesn’t know where to start - after all, we are talking about 40 museums in town. There’s a whole bunch of good reasons why you would make Basel your place of residence. This bordertown comes with a historic market square, the famous Elisabethenkirche church, red sandstone here and there and Roman ruins - enough topics to get to the bottom of, if enough time at hand.

Apart from that, film and theater, various arts fairs, antique book stores, boutiques as well as the ‘Läckerli Huus’ with its famous honey cake invite you to stroll and dwell. Thanks to its rich history, Basel attracts visitors from all over the world. But also the modern era with its designer talent, architectural feasts for the eyes and culture to the max, makes Basel a mecca of the arts. At the same time, it is also the heart of the national pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Being a financial center on top of that, bankers on their days off and numerous art connoisseurs alike, get carried away in wendy houses, galleries or symphonic orchestras. And by the way, Basel’s wonderful old town prides itself with the oldest municipal arts collection of the world.

For those who like partying, the carnival time in Basel lends itself perfectly to join the colorful parade in the streets. If you are seeking some relaxation in Switzerland’s third biggest city, you’ll find it in the green of botanical gardens, parks and the Rhine River’s side banks. Or how about hanging out in the oldest Swiss zoo with its special focus on Namibia? And those who think of faraway Japan when hearing the word ‘cherry blossom’, may even then stay loyal to their domestic pastures. As ‘The Alchemist’ suggests, “the greatest treasure can be found at home”.