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Why not live in a city which was ranked top among 215 cities for its high living standards? Zurich prides itself with the best living conditions - who wouldn’t want to live here? With a population of around 400 000, in Zurich you will find political stability and low crime rates: a priceless feeling of safety. Apart from favorable economic conditions, you can count on individual freedom, freedom of press and excellent health services. You’ll find a functioning education system and low environmental pollution as hardly in any other place. Reliable electricity and water supply as well as first-class phone and traffic networks go without saying - so does the availability of foods. A variety of leisure activities such as cinema, theater and sports rounds up the general appealing picture. Zurich is the epitome of Swiss perfection on highest-level standards.

Depending on which neighborhood you go to, you will have a beach, a lake or public pool where you can swim some rounds in crystal clear water just minutes away. Or do you prefer the aerial perspective? From slightly cooler heights you will enjoy a soothingly wonderful panorama view. If you want to take it easy in Zurich, then you don’t need to move to the countryside. Nearby parks and nature with voluptuous trees and the entertaining colorful vibrant nightlife alike will blow you away. Allow yourself to be carried along with the vibrant Zurich crowd when turning night into day, and watch a thrilling Champions League soccer match in the new Fifa museum’s bar at Tessiner Platz Square. Or take a pleasant walk along the lakeside promenade and bring your perfect Zurich day to a close with a super delicious barbecue.

In the city of asset managers, lawyers and auditors you can enjoy a little piece of Amsterdam as you can cycle to most places within just 15 minutes. And you will have a hint of London and New York as Zurich prides itself to be a financial center and home to Google’s European headquarters at the old brewery’s Brauerei-Hürlimann area. If you don’t expect a vine slope with an old church in this city, you will be left surprised, as Zurich also holds a bit of France for you, culinary delicacies included. Zurich is not only the city of Swiss watches, classicist mansions and one of the most renowned schools of hotel management ever, no - your city with its very own national heroes, monuments and Friedrich Barbarossa legends represents the prosperity of whole Switzerland.

Real estate is a valuable asset here, but thanks to coozzy you can take the steam out of your property matters. You may salute in awe to this wonderful city, but don’t get overwhelmed by its high standards. An average 90-sqm apartment costs around 3000 franc which you should see as an investment in an incomparable quality of life. Being neither too overwhelming nor big, you can mingle among party hoppers or numerous entrepreneurs and bankers alike. In cafés you will hear some English here, some French and Spanish there. Which other city could treat you with culture in the style of composer Richard Wagner who wrote the Tristan and Isolde opera inspired by his Zurich’s surroundings at that time. Zurich’s Jewish Wiedikon community with their elegant hats who have become a firm part of the cityscape will fascinate you. And what is more, gourmet delights such as the Luxemburgerli or the stir-fry Zurich-style stew are not to be missed. Is Zurich’s ‘La Bella Vita’ for you? Then you better start with your apartment hunt now - coozzy will be happy to help.